Medal of Appreciation for conscientious work

May 28, 2017

The President of Bridge of Hope with Serj Sargsyan

On the occasion of the Republic Day,  "Bridge of Hope" NGO president  Susanna Tadevosyan awarded with high state award - the Medal of Gratitude, for social and public activities and for major personal contribution, many years’ devotion and fruitful activities aimed at promoting the sphere of education  by the President of Republic of Armenia.

A group of individuals were awarded by the President of Armenia with high state awards and honorary titles for their contribution to the areas of science, education, healthcare, economy, arts, culture, and sports, efficient work, patriotism, boundless dedication, deepening and expansion of the Fatherland-Spyurk relations.

The awards and honorary titles bestowing ceremony took place at the Presidential Palace.

Congratulatory remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the award ceremony read here.

Through the total period of its’ operation the “Bridge of Hope” has won local and international recognition for its’ great contribution to the field. Learn more here.

Some photos used in this article are from official website.