Awareness Raising

Raising awareness of the rights is one of the simple but most effective ways to make a change.

“Bridge of Hope” uses every possible media format to raise the awareness of disability rights. We make video films telling about success and achievements of persons with disabilities, video clips and posters on the rights of children with disabilities, training films and booklets on disability, organizes public discussions, debates, round tables and conferences on disability issues.

Inclusive Education is a way to combat discrimination. The wrong stereotypes and prejudice about persons with disabilities is very strong in the society. The causes are the lack of proper information, lack of experience of living and interacting with persons with disabilities in the same community. It is very difficult to eliminate these attitudinal barriers. But the experience shows that children in a proper environment are much more acceptable and tolerant to diversities than adults. Children are our future parents, teachers, lawyers, politicians, etc. And if we raise a generation of aware people, they will grow up to form a truly inclusive society.