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Breaking barriers: Promote Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities through Media

The project aims to organize a media contest to celebrate and promote positive representations of people with disabilities in Armenian media. Through this project, we seek to change societal perceptions and attitudes towards people with disabilities, fostering a more inclusive and equal society.


  • Promote Disability Rights: Increase awareness and understanding of disability rights in Armenia through positive representations in media. 
  • Recognize Outstanding Contributions: Acknowledge and appreciate journalists and media outlets for their exceptional work in promoting disability rights and inclusivity.


  • Develop comprehensive guidelines and criteria for the media contest, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation process.
  • Training sessions for journalists on comprehensive guidelines and criteria.
  • Create distinct award categories that highlight different forms of media, such as print, television, radio, multimedia, etc., to recognize outstanding contributions.
  • Launch a widespread promotional campaign to raise awareness about the media contest and invite nominations for exceptional media pieces.
  • Select a diverse and knowledgeable panel of experts in disability rights and media to evaluate and judge the media publications submitted for the contest.
  • Facilitate the evaluation of media publications by the judging panel, assessing their adherence to disability rights and positive representation criteria.
  • Organize a prestigious award ceremony to honor and publicly recognize the journalists and media outlets who have made significant contributions to promoting disability rights through their media pieces.


By celebrating the achievements of journalists and media outlets that champion disability rights, we will contribute to a more inclusive and equal society in Armenia, where people with disabilities are recognized as valuable and active members. Join us in celebrating positive representations of people with disabilities in Armenian media and transforming societal perceptions.


Budget: $16,000

Event Venue and Logistics: $2,000

Training sessions for journalists: $4,000

Award Trophies and Certificates: $8,000

Administrative and Overhead Costs: $2,000