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Giving today for sustainable future for children with disabilities in Armenia

The project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing holistic support to children with disabilities and socio-psychological difficulties in Tavush Marz. The project focuses on promoting social, psychological, and physical rehabilitation services to empower these children and enable their social inclusion, education, and independent living. The primary objectives for 2023-2025 are as follows:

  1. Enhancing Physical, Mental, and Psychosocial Abilities: The project aims to improve the physical, mental, and psychosocial abilities of children with disabilities through psychosocial support services and socialization programs.
  2. Supporting Families: Recognizing the importance of family support, the project provides comprehensive assistance and information to parents and caregivers. It offers education on social skills development, parenting strategies, and guidance on actively participating in their children’s socio-psychological rehabilitation.
  3. Promoting Social Inclusion: The project seeks to foster positive attitudes towards children and youth with disabilities within communities. Through awareness campaigns, workshops, and community engagement initiatives, it aims to break down barriers and reduce stigmas associated with disabilities.

Main activities:

Physical therapy: Designing and implementing tailored exercise programs to improve motor skills, coordination, and physical strength.

Occupational therapy: Developing individualized rehab plans and goals to enhance independent living skills, fine motor skills, and sensory integration; Providing activities to improve daily living tasks, such as self-care, school-related tasks, and vocational skills; Recommending and providing assistive devices and adaptive equipment to facilitate independence; Collaborating with teachers, parents, and other professionals to create supportive environments for the child’s occupational development.

Speech therapy: Providing individual or group therapy sessions to improve language challenges, such as articulation disorders, language delays, or fluency issues, and communication skills, including speech production, comprehension, and social interaction; Collaborating with educators and parents to support the child’s communication goals in educational settings.

Art therapies (drawing, pottery, drama, dance, music): Facilitating art therapy sessions that utilize drawing, painting, and other creative mediums as a means of self-expression and emotional exploration; Offering pottery workshops to engage children in tactile experiences and promote sensory integration; Organizing drama workshops where children can participate in role-playing, storytelling, and improvisation to enhance social skills and self-confidence; Conducting dance and movement therapy sessions to improve motor coordination, body awareness, and self-expression; Providing music therapy sessions that utilize various musical activities to enhance cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Legal counseling: Providing legal consultations to parents and caregivers regarding disability rights, education laws, and entitlements for children with disabilities; Assisting families in understanding and navigating legal processes related to disability rights and services; Advocating for the rights of children with disabilities and providing support in accessing appropriate services and accommodations; Collaborating with relevant government agencies and organizations to address legal barriers and promote inclusive policies; Conducting workshops and training to raise awareness about legal rights and responsibilities in relation to disability issues.

Summer camp: Organizing a summer camp for children with disabilities, providing them with a fun and inclusive environment; Planning and implementing a diverse range of activities, such as sports, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, team-building exercises, and recreational games; Creating a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes friendship, acceptance, and a sense of belonging among the participant children with and without disabilities; Engaging parents and caregivers in the camp activities and providing opportunities for them to connect with each other and share experiences.

Legal Counseling to persons with disabilities and their families. 

Ultimately, the project aims to provide a sustainable future for these children, enabling them to realize their potential, lead fulfilling lives, and actively contribute to the social fabric of Armenia.


45% of the project budget is supported by ETL – Erik Thunes Legat Foundation.

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