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IDEAS: Inclusive Developments for Equitable and Accountable Society

The project was realized between 2019-2021 with financial support from DMCCD in Denmark and in partnership with the Danish International organization “Mission East”. The project empowered the organizations of people with disabilities to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities to equal access to services and for disability-inclusive policies and development programs in Armenia. They got knowledge on how to advance disability rights in line with the principles and approaches of UN CRPD and ensure that these rights are respected and considered by Armenia’s development programs proceeding from SDG targets and indicators. 12 organizations of people with disabilities were supported to become aware of and knowledgeable on human rights mechanisms, to learn about the human rights-based approach to disability, to take advantage of the momentum from global development agendas and the obligations of the state towards the UN CRPD and the UN SDGs; and to effectively influence decision-making and policy implementation processes at both national and local levels.