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Speaking for Myself (phase one): Voicing the Hopes and Concerns of Children in Armenia

Project was supported by European Commission and realized in partnership with “Mission East” Danish International organization in 2010-2011 to empower Armenian children to realize their rights as children and as active citizens – creating an inclusive and child friendly environment for all. 930 from children with and without disabilities 31 schools of Yerevan and Tavush Marz have been skilled, developed their confidence to advocate for their rights as children and as citizens in Armenia. Students’ councils of 31  schools were supported to establish regional student committees (in Yerevan city and Tavush Marz) to voice their joint ideas against the government. Five regional Child Media Clubs were established Bridge of Hope centres in Tavush marz and Yerevan to develop a variety of media products for children’s newspapers, weblogs, exhibitions as well as radio and television programmes in order to raise awareness on and advocate for their rights and participation.

Speaking for Myself (phase Two) – Networking of Children in Caucasus region for better inclusion of vulnerable children in education and community life.

The project was realized during 2011-2013 fostering the outputs and outcomes of the previous initiative and sharing the experience between the civil society organizations, education professionals (teachers, psychologists, social workers), schools and children themselves from Georgia. The project enhanced the expansion of best practices and lessons learnt from the 1st and and 2nd phases of the project among the partner organizations throughout the Caucasus region to change the situation for vulnerable children and their families.