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Sport for Equal Opportunities

Since 2006, the ‘Bridge of Hope’ organization has been implementing the “Sports for Equal Opportunities” initiative, which organizes sports events with the goal of promoting equality. Various sports are used under this initiative’s slogan.


“Inclusive Football for All”

The project is funded by UEFA Foundation for Children. Its goal is to promote social inclusion for children with disabilities in Tavush Marz through inclusive football. It provides opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in football games, which can enhance their physical and mental abilities, develop social skills, and boost self-confidence.

The project meets the following objectives:

  1. Introducing an inclusive football program in eight schools in the city of Ijevan to ensure equal opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in team sports.
  2. Raising awareness within the community about the significance of inclusion and equal opportunities for children with disabilities through inclusive sports activities.

By 2023, the project model will be implemented in four schools in Ijevan. The focus of the year will be on raising awareness and forming positive attitudes towards inclusive sports. The first phase of the project is scheduled to conclude in December 2023. The second stage will involve implementing the successful model in four schools each within the Dilijan, Berd, and Noyemberyan communities of Tavush Marz.

The “Chess for Equal Opportunities”  initiative was launched in 2010, with the direct participation of the renowned Armenian Grandmaster, Levon Aronian. However, this event has not been organized since 2018. Currently, discussions are underway to resume it, and we hope to bring back this initiative soon. See more:

 “Darts for Equal Opportunities


 “Bowling for Equal Opportunities

“ Tennis for Equal Opportunities