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The “Sunflower” Children’s Monthly by children, with children and for children


 In 1998, the ‘Bridge of Hope’ organization established a club of young journalists to provide journalism and computer skills development courses for boys and girls, both with and without disabilities. In 1999, the youth club and monthly publication “Sunflower” was founded with the participation of the young journalists’ club students. Children with disabilities from the media club were included in the editorial staff of the monthly publication. Many of these children later became employees of the Bridge of Hope organization, utilizing the knowledge and skills they acquired at the club to contribute to the development and implementation of the “Sunflower” monthly’s vision.

Over the years, “Sunflower” has evolved into a platform for children and youth, both with and without disabilities, to come together and promote an inclusive society with equal opportunities. Like the sunflower, with all its seeds together and surrounded by yellow petals, forming a beautiful flower that enjoys and gravitates towards the sun, the “Sunflower” children’s monthly was created with the intention of bringing about such a society where everyone is equal and together.

However, due to financial difficulties, “Sunflower” ceased publication in 2017. During its 18-year existence, several generations of young people who participated in the courses offered by the “Sunflower” media club of the NGO “Bridge of Hope” and were involved in the creation of the monthly publication have become well-known journalists in Armenia or found employment in various state, private, and public institutions.