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Towards Education for All

Period: 2003-2012;

Funding Agency: DANIDA; Lead Partner Mission East.

The TEFA project has had a major impact on the educational situation of children with disabilities and special educational needs in terms of their access to education and achievement of learning outcomes. The number of inclusive education schools in Yerevan and marzes increased (from 10 to 113), access to basic general education curricula was made easier for children through individual educational plans, courses aimed at increasing the abilities of parents were organized in inclusive schools, the inclusive education component was included in the national teacher training program of the National Institute of MOES, a number of legal acts, coordinating the field of education, were developed and adopted by the MOES and the Government of Armenia, the National Assembly adopted the Law on the Education of People with requirements of Special Conditions in Education,  a number of information and awareness raising campaigns were carried out, the lecturers of the Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) were trained in  methods and theories of inclusive pedagogy and person-centered teaching, 4 new courses (2 compulsory and 2 optional) were introduced into the Teachers’ Pre-service program of ASPU, which are taught at the bachelor’s and master’s degrees of all pedagogical faculties of the university.