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Vocational Education for young people with disabilities

The project was realized between 2008-2012 with financial support from CISU Denmark in partnership with the Danish International organization “Mission East”.  They aimed to provide equal opportunities for young people with mild to moderate intellectual and learning difficulties by offering vocational education that would enable them to enter the labor market and integrate into society. After extensive discussions, two pre-professional crafts were selected: gardening and carpet making. Working in collaboration with the RA Ministry of Education and Science, educational standards and programs were developed for these crafts and implemented at the Yerevan State Humanitarian College and the Republican Special Educational Complex No. 2. The project provided education and training to 87 adolescents and young adults with intellectual disabilities, allowing them to develop their professional abilities and skills in anticipation of finding employment later on. Thirteen of the participants were residents of the “Jermik Corner” community-type family. Thanks to the project’s support, horticultural equipment, carpet weaving machines, devices, and materials were provided to the educational institutions and “Jermik Ankyan”.