Early Childhood Development

Social inclusion begins at the early age. Our childcare daily centers operate in 4 communities in Tavush Region – Dilijan, Noyemberyan, Berd and Ijevan.

The specialists at our centers help to discover the special needs of the children at their pre-school age. This is when our cooperation with the children, their families and their community environment begins.

After determining the special needs, our multidisciplinary team guides the children to the relevant specialists or one of our clubs (handcrafts, art, etc.).

We work closely with the children’s families, as we know that however we try, we can’t succeed without the help of the family where the child returns every day. The parents are to make children feel the safety, caring and support, and of course, they have to follow some rules of the ongoing step of the therapy (continue to play the games at home, keep some records, keep silence at home when necessary, etc.).