Inclusive economy

An inclusive economy provides equal economic opportunities for every citizen, regardless of gender, disability or other social status, to have full and fair access to labor, financial, entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial resources.

Most of the people with disabilities can be financially independent if they only get the jobs that they can succeed in. Unfortunately, many of them are discriminated and deprived of their right to work.

Establishing an income-generating beekeeping project for people with disabilities in Armenia, Tavush Marz.

The overall objective of the project is to promote sustainable development initiatives towards the economic inclusion and improvement of social-economic conditions of people with disabilities in the region of Berd of Tavush Marz.

Specific objective of the project is to equip 20 men and women with and without disabilities in Berd region of Tavush Marz with knowledge and income generating capabilities in beekeeping to become financially and socially self-sufficient and independent in their communities.

The expected results of the project are:

1. 20 men and women with and without disabilities have improved knowledge and competencies in beekeeping.
2. The capacitated 20 beekeepers work collectively and collaboratively in running their beekeeping practices as a business to realize business benefit.
3. The young beekeepers are linked to service providers and market information for the better start of honey production and sales.

Supported by New Zealand Embassy HOMF