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«Ապրել միասին, սովորել միասին» ներառական թատերական փառատոն

Introduction: In Armenia, children with disabilities face a lot of challenges and discrimination, including lack of access to education, limited opportunities to engage in social activities, and negative attitudes from society. Inclusive education is a key strategy to address these issues, and one way to promote it is through the arts. The project aims to organize a schoolchildren’s inclusive theater festival “Living Together, Learning Together” in Tavush Marz, directed and produced by secondary schools, to promote the positive image of students with disabilities and call for acceptance and inclusion of all children.

Executive Summary: The purpose of our project is to organize an inclusive theater festival, directed and produced by secondary schools, in order to promote the positive image of students with disabilities and call for acceptance and inclusion of all children. By engaging in inclusive theater practices, we aim to raise awareness, improve attitudes, and provide opportunities for schoolchildren to engage in social activities, building their confidence and self-esteem. 

Project Overview: The purpose of this project overview is to provide a comprehensive outline of the activities planned for the implementation of the Inclusive Theatre Festival in Tavush Marz. The festival aims to promote inclusive education and empower students with disabilities through the medium of theater. By forming school-based theater groups and facilitating their production process, this project aims to create an inclusive and accessible platform for students to showcase their talents and promote positive attitudes toward disability. The project will be divided into four phases: Preparation, Production, Festival, and Evaluation, and Follow-up. 

Phase 1: Preparation (Month 1-2) During this phase, the project team will conduct meetings with school directors and teachers to introduce the project and discuss their roles and responsibilities. School-based theater groups consisting of students with and without disabilities will be formed. To ensure the success of the theater groups, training sessions will be provided on inclusive theater practices, acting, directing, and stage management.

Phase 2: Production (Month 3-6) In this phase, the project team will facilitate the production process of the school-based theater groups. This will include organizing rehearsals, coordinating set and costume design, and assisting with script development. Regular meetings will be conducted with the theatre groups to monitor their progress, provide support, and offer feedback. Close coordination with the schools will be maintained to ensure accessibility and accommodation for students with disabilities throughout the production process. 

Phase 3: Festival (Month 7-8) The highlight of the project will be the month-long inclusive theater festival in Tavush Marz. The festival will feature performances by school-based theater groups, showcasing their talents and celebrating inclusive education. The project team will organize performance venues, provide technical support and resources, including sound and lighting equipment, and develop promotional materials. Local communities, families, and stakeholders will be invited to attend the festival, promoting a positive image of students with disabilities and fostering community engagement. 

Phase 4: Evaluation and Follow-up (Month 9-12) Following the festival, a comprehensive evaluation will be conducted to assess the impact and effectiveness of the project. Post-festival evaluations will be conducted with the school-based theater groups, school directors, and community members. Feedback and recommendations will be collected to inform future iterations of the festival. Additionally, the project team will provide follow-up support and resources to the school-based theater groups, enabling them to continue their inclusive theater activities beyond the festival. 

Project budget: $7,000

Form school-based theater groups։ $2,000
Provide training sessions։ $500
Facilitate the production process։ $2,500
Organize inclusive theatre festival: $1,500
Provide technical support: $500