We and Media

Mass media plays an important role in forming and strengthening the society’s attitude and approaches towards social inclusion. This is why “Bridge of Hope” attaches great importance to consistent work and active cooperation with mass media.

On a regular basis, we organize training for reporters where they learn what the inclusive model of disability is, how to speak about disabilities and cover many other relevant topics.

Since 2003, an annual contest of best publications on disability topic is organized. That stimulates frequent and quality coverage of disability topic and formation of a positive image of persons with disabilities.

Some 60 reporters from various media take part in the Bridge of Hope training every year, and the number of publications dedicated to people with disabilities exceeds 100.

Besides, since 1999, we have our own media – ʺSunflowerʺ («Արևածաղիկ») magazine, where children share their thoughts on whatever affects their life. Now, within the framework of the project ʺSpeaking of Myselfʺ, their stories are also published on the web platform of the magazine – sunflower.am.