Summer Camp as part of the programm “Living Together, Learning Together”

“Bridge of Hope” NGO has organized a three-week-long summer camp starting from July 23 for children with mental disabilities in the framework of “Live together, learn together” program. Totally 60 1-5th grade pupils Yerevan special school N6, Yerevan special educational complex N8 for children with speech disorders and Yerevan special school N2 for mentally retreated children have participated in the program.

The main purpose of the program is to integrate the children into the society, as well as to develop their cognitive and communication skills.

A number of visits have been organized to the Yerevan zoo, Yerevan Botanical Garden, Yerevan 2800th Anniversary Park, an excursion in the English Park, and also a film watching of the Lion King at Moscow Cinema.

Several games and exercises have been organized and practiced with the moderators and volunteers for developing the communication skills of the children.