UNESCO International Forum on Inclusion and Equity in Education

The founder and president of “Bridge of Hope” NGO Susanna Tadevosyan participated in the UNESCO International Forum on “Inclusion and Equity in Education”, held from 11–13 September 2019 in Cali, Colombia.
The Forum sought to build a common understanding and a renewed commitment towards reinforcing inclusion in education among education policy makers, practitioners, civil society organizations, NGOs, UN agencies, private sector, etc.
This forum was organized to ensure the realization of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with the specific goal of ”ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all”. It provided a platform for debates, for sharing hands-on knowledge and innovations. It incorporated interactive, plenary and concurrent sessions, as well as discussions on skill and experience sharing.
Around 500 delegates from 40 countries participated in the Forum, including ministries of education and other government officials; education practitioners and educators; researchers and experts; private sector stakeholders; representatives of Mass Media and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations supporting inclusive education. The slogan of the forum was “Every Learner Matters”.
Susanna Tadevosyan was invited to the Forum as the President of the UNESCO Award-winning Organization. She gave a talk in the concurrent session on “Promoting inclusion and justice through art, culture and sport”. She presented BoH’s Art, Media and Civic Activists Clubs’ concept and the influence it has on the realization of fundamental rights and social inclusion of children and youth with disabilities.
One of the invited speakers was Diane Richler (past president of “Inclusion International” and director of “Catalyst for Inclusion”). The session ended up with BoH’s anthem, which caused great excitement.