Arevik Melkonyan

Arevik’s Journey through Bridge of Hope: Empowering Others, Fighting for Equality

Bridge of Hope” has been instrumental in helping me embrace my disability as an integral part of my identity, just like the color of my skin is for others. Understanding this, I have united with like-minded individuals, raising our collective voices to safeguard our rights and preserve our dignity”.

Through unwavering commitment and activism, Arevik has emerged as a source of inspiration and a role model for many. He firmly believes that his disability does not render him weak or vulnerable; on the contrary, it empowers him to make his voice resound.

A pivotal role in shaping Arevik’s personality and path was played by the “Bridge of Hope”, The organization equipped her with essential tools, unwavering support, and valuable resources to become a proactive and responsible young woman, embracing her disability. Within the nurturing environment of “Bridge of Hope”, Arevik shed all limiting complexes, honed her leadership skills, and fostered an unwavering determination to protect the rights of others in a similar situation.

Arevik’s life journey took shape within the realm of “Bridge of Hope”. This is a testament that a dedicated organization, genuinely believing in its mission and vision, can bring about significant positive changes in the lives of individuals and society as a whole.