Armine Sahakyan

Parent of a youth with disabilities, president of NGO “We Can”

I can’t even fathom how different my family’s life would be if I hadn’t crossed paths with “Bridge of Hope” NGO. It was within their inspiring embrace that I transformed into a vigilant mother, fiercely protective of my child’s rights and determined to overcome any obstacles in our path. It dawned on me that my son, just like any other child, deserved access to education, the chance to attend school, and the opportunity to forge his own path in life. For our family, “Bridge of Hope” became a real bridge connecting us to society. My son has completed his schooling, armed with the knowledge that he can surmount any challenge fearlessly because he possesses the skills to conquer them.

Together with fellow parents who also experienced the empowering effects of “Bridge of Hope”, we organized ourselves and, with the invaluable support of the organization, established the “We Can” NGO. Our mission is to safeguard the rights of intellectually challenged youth, children, and their families, and I have the honor of serving as its president. Today, our organization stands as an active advocate in the realm of protecting the rights of children with disabilities, carrying the same values and unwavering faith instilled in us by “Bridge of Hope”.