Vahe Arustamyan

Tavush marz, Ajgehovit village

I am from the Aygehovit community of Tavush Marz. I have a deep love for our village, and even in challenging times, I have no intention of leaving. Life has presented me with various difficulties because of my disability, but my determination has never wavered. When I was five years old, I first joined “Bridge of Hope”. Along with long years of support, “Bridge of Hope” guided me in choosing my career path. With a strong desire to make a personal contribution to children’s education, development, and social inclusion, I pursued a profession in pedagogy. I enrolled in the Faculty of Armenian Language and Literature at Ijevan State University.

Today, I am a staff member of the “Bridge of Hope” NGO branch in Ijevan serving as a member of the pedagogical-psychological support group. I provide the services of social pedagogue to children from various schools and kindergartens in the Ijevan community of Tavush region, to create an inclusive learning environment welcoming community for children with disabilities in Tavush.

I am a strong believer in the philosophy of “Bridge of Hope” and have dedicated myself to the implementation of its vision and mission towards education, work, and dignified life for all.