Economic Inclusion

For a society of equal opportunities, economic inclusion is a must.

Most of the people with disabilities can be financially independent if they only get the jobs that they can succeed in. Unfortunately, many of them are discriminated and deprived of their right to work.

The exclusion from the economic life of the society begins with the inaccessibility of education. Along with making basic education more accessible, we need to ensure the accessibility of vocational education and training.


At Bridge of Hope, we want young people with disabilities to be aware of their rights and to be able to defend them. With the help of our project ʺThe right to earn a living: increased economic inclusion of youth with disabilities through enhanced livelihoods opportunitiesʺ, many young people with disabilities have become more confident, aware and ready to fulfill their right to work, starting with getting a vocational education. By participating in our project  “Speaking of Myself”, children and teenagers not only helps build their further careers in media more easily but also spread the word about equality and substantive human rights among their peers.