Social Work

The social workers at our regional centers work towards children’s social security.

They locate the conditions that complicate the child’s individual development and social inclusion and help the children, teachers, the parents or their legal representatives to solve social, personal, professional and other particular problems. Together with other professionals, the social workers plan and develop programs to contribute to the child’s social inclusion, considering the child’s individual characteristics, their age, gender, and family condition. They take part in planning the special education curriculum for children with special education needs, considering the development characteristics.

The social workers also help to discover the children with difficulties with emotional and mental development, or behavioral and communication difficulties and help them with consulting as well as development sessions. They visit the children in their homes, meet each family, fill out the family records paper and submit them to the social protection responsible at the center. The social worker is the person who connects the family to all the regional services and provides constant social support to the family.